Striking tools
Robust and durable

Our striking tools fulfill the toughest requirements and stand for safe working. The regularity in precision, hardness and toughness is a great advantage for all industrial, commercial and private applications.



Fuller, more precise strike

PB Swiss Tools mallets are available with and without recoil. They are extremely rugged and unique in construction: The handles are made of FSC® certified hickory wood or of premium fiberglass. Their dimensions are adapted to the weights of the mallet heads. They are better balanced in the hand than normal standard shafts.

Dead-blow mallets

The discs allow a more hard-wearing design of the steel middle section than is possible with pellet-filled mallets. The handles are made of FSC® certified hickory wood or fiberglass. The discs are accelerated downward upon impact and absorb the recoil. This gives a full, accurate blow.

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Always wear safety goggles
Safe working

Safety goggles must be worn for all types of work with striking tools. Depending on the application, working gloves or other protective gear may also be required.

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Center punches and pin punches

Extremely hard wearing

The regularity in precision, hardness and toughness of PB Swiss Tools center punches and parallel pin punches is a great advantage for all industrial, commercial and private applications.

The specially alloyed steel and the exact heat treatment used for PB Swiss Tools parallel pin punches guarantee remarkable elasticity with a high level of hardness. If they are overloaded, they deform elastically and plastically and do not suddenly snap off.

Center punches made of tool steel are only suitable for work on materials > 40° HRC. For harder materials, use center punches with carbide tips.

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Withstand the toughest stresses

The PB Swiss Tools chisels withstand the toughest use in industry, construction and craft work. They have a high hardness and ensure exceptional retention of sharpness and long service lives.

Blunt blades can be re-ground several times. In order to avoid tempering effects, the temperature during this process must not exceed 200 °C (wet grinding). All PB Swiss Tools chisels have attractive rust protection: the octagonal chisels are nickel-plated and chrome-plated, the flat ovals have a durable, non-slip powder coating.

For special applications, slot chisels with additional lateral cutting edges and in a curved version are available.

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Special alloy
Tough and hard special steel remains elastic

For the production of PB Swiss Tools tools, we use a special steel alloy based on spring steel that is produced especially for us. Particularly high hardness values and unique toughness and spring characteristics distinguish our special steel that we have developed over decades with our steel suppliers.

Very great hardness is a prerequisite for a first-class hand tool so that wear is kept to a minimum. If they are overstressed, the tools must not suddenly and without advanced warning break or even splinter. The toughness of the material determines and limits the admissible hardness.

Thanks to our special PB Swiss Tools spring steel, our tools have outstanding toughness and elasticity in spite of high hardness values of 58-60 HRC.

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