26.05.2011 | Tips & Tricks

A screwdriver for breakfast

Since a vacuum exists in the inside of the glass, the lid is pushed onto the edge by the external air pressure and clamps persistently.

The solution lies in equalizing the pressure. Slightly lifting the lid off of the glass edge allows air to enter, the lid is "depressurized" and can be unscrewed.

  • The use of fork or knife tips as a lever can quickly lead to their destruction.
  • Spoon or fork handles are generally too thick to fit under the lid. They can also bend very easily.
  • A special lid opener (vacuum lifter) is not always at hand.

What now?

A PB Swiss Tools flat-blade screwdriver size 4 or 3 proves to be the friend in need:

The slim tip can easily be inserted between lid and glass.

The ergonomically shaped nonslip handle provides sufficient force, even early in the morning, to turn the tip a little bit. The lid lifts itself from the edge and the soft "pop" sound indicates the "solution" of the lid. Nothing will now stand in the way of an enjoyable breakfast!

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