20.07.2018 | Tips & Tricks

All set to start the apprenticeship

Many young people will embark upon their careers in August. Here is our tip for making sure they have the right gear.

Young professionals need suitable tools - not only after their apprenticeship, but during their training too, right from the beginning. High-quality tools are not a luxury, they are essential for handling everything properly from the very start.

Speaking of handles: The screwdrivers from PB Swiss Tools are renowned for the excellent quality of their handles. You can find out more about this here.


The backpack for every need

Professionals in the fields of assembly electrics, electrical installation and telematics not only use our tools, they also have a lot more with them; this all fits in a practical backpack now.

You can choose a suitable style of backpack or bag, kit it out individually and order it from the online shop of our specialist retailer Bugnard. This will ensure that you have all the right gear, both during and after your apprenticeship.


What do you work with?

What tools do you need for your work? Send us a photo of your collection of tools or your favourite tools and tell us what job you do! E-mail us at info@pbswisstools.com.


We hope that all young professionals get their apprenticeship off to a good start.


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