01.06.2011 | Innovations & Trends

Colorful tool world

The PB Swiss Tools corporate color is red. Tools with the red signal color are eye-catching and can easily be located, no matter whether it is in factory buildings, workshops, studios, hobbies rooms or in the household.

Upon request, the known red Classic handles can be manufactured in customer-specific colors. However, such special productions require a certain limited number of units.

But the regular assortment contains a colorful tool assortment for every person that is suitable for the following useful applications:

Color coding according to screw type
One glance, one grasp: The right tool is quickly at hand thanks to color coding:

SwissGrip and ElectroTool screwdrivers:


Screwdrivers with cross-handle

Attractive plasma coating with color coding by screw type

Color coding according to size
The international bestseller from PB Swiss Tools: RainBow hex key L-wrench

Personalization of tools
File and universal handles

For decades, the PBST universal and file handles have been available in the six colors red, green, blue, violet, black and yellow. They can be assigned, e.g. to different types of files to identify the right tool more quickly. If the colors are assigned to individual employees, it ensures clear ownerships.

Hex key L-wrenches and many PocketTools can also be personalized through individual color selection.

Practical for leisure time and on the road: for example, the PB Swiss Tools Insider

Select your companion now in your favorite color.

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