17.10.2014 | Tips & Tricks

In 24 steps

I think – the brochure "From raw material to PB quality screwdriver" is a real trouvaille*. Found in the archive, somewhat dusty as it should be, but still current today.

I saved it, this brochure, scanned it in so that it will be preserved for all of us. The reason it is so valuable is because we are frequently asked for documentation about the creation of a screwdriver. Dozens of students and learners use them year after year as the basis of a presentation. The rest can be found on our extensive website.

Voilà – here it is and thanks to the Internet, it is now available around the clock, 24/7, 365 days a year. So that everyone can immediately start with their presentation about the exciting story of a screwdriver. And those who want to send us the finished presentation afterwards will receive a small surprise from us in return. We cannot wait to read what you will be writing about our products. 

* Load word from the French trouvaille for "lucky find"

In 24 steps (PDF)

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