19.12.2016 | Company News

New website, new functionalities

Welcome to our new website! We have completely reworked it and added new functionalities. Among other things, you can now order products online directly through from the shop of the particular dealer.

Swiss specialty retailers and online shops abroad are the first that are already connected. Other interested dealers who want to profit from up-to-date information and sales processes are being added continually.

Support for sales partners and specialty retailers

By using the new retail solution from nexMart, we are supporting the specialty retailers and are doing without our own e-shop. CEO Eva Jaisli: "We put a common e-thread from our website to the local specialty retailer. The system informs the prospective customer on our website of the specialty retailers in his region and their online shops, including the availability of the product. This is transparent, convenient and up-to-date."

Tool4you – The personal gift

The popular "Tool4You" application, with which you can individually design our branded products as personal gifts or promotional items with your own logo, has also been expanded: orders are now available over the website, and you will immediately receive an overview of the prices, terms and delivery periods.

Under the "Highlights" category, the distinctive features and benefits of our tools are clearly presented. Video clips are becoming more prominent. Check it out! We are happy to receive feedback, criticism and suggestions.

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