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Not a single screw loose

Even the SCL Tigers in Langnau are using our tools. We took a look behind the scenes.

In Langnau’s ice arena – the ILFISHALLE – we met up with ice technician and operations manager Daniel Gerber and kit man Alfred Rohrbach. They are responsible for maintaining materials and infrastructure for the SCL Tigers. What tools do they use most on and off the ice – and what do they use them for?

“We mainly use all sizes of screwdrivers, primarily for Torx and Phillips screws,” says Daniel Gerber. As operations manager, he is responsible for all maintenance work both on and off the ice. This also includes repairs and servicing, for example in connection with ventilation systems. Ninety-five percent of the time, he needs a screwdriver to do his job. “In many cases, I first have to remove a plate or a lid to find out what needs to be fixed. Working on the boards, it is really useful to have a short, stubby handle because we only have a ten-centimeter cavity behind the boards and nothing else would fit.”


Daniel Gerber’s drawer holds all sizes of screwdrivers.

Up to 20 times a day, either Daniel or one of his team takes to the wheel of the ice resurfacer to clean and smooth the surface of the rink – a process in which two to three millimeters of ice is shaved off the surface and replaced by a fresh layer of water. And when he services the ice resurfacer, the ice technician needs our screwdrivers, to remove the plate protecting the drive belts, for example.


“The handles sit really well in the hand”

What does he appreciate most about the screwdrivers from PB Swiss Tools? “Of course it’s the quality – there is simply nothing better. I remember using these tools when I was an apprentice 40 years ago. At that time, they were called ‘Baumann Screwdrivers’ and even in those days they were the best you could get.”


Daniel prefers the classic handle: “They sit really well in the hand, and thanks to the grooves integrated in the handle, they are easy to use.” He also finds the color coded offset screwdriver that use different colors to identify the respective sizes practical. 

The kit man and his domain: Alfred Rohrbach in the kit room of the SCL Tigers.


“During games, things have to move quickly”

Even kit man Alfred Rohrbach is never without his screwdrivers. “We do work here in the kit room, and especially a lot during games. Most of the time we work on the helmets, with players coming during the intervals asking to fit a new visor – especially if it’s been damaged in a scuffle. These have to be replaced – and it has to be done quickly: You get out your screwdriver and – Bob’s your uncle – the visor’s changed. The interval lasts 18 minutes, so I’ve got enough time to carry out all the necessary work.”

Goaltenders’ helmets are particularly well screwed together. We inspected one and counted eleven screws. How important is the quality of the tools for Alfred Rohrbach?


The Plexiglas visor on the helmets protects the players from injury.

“Screwdrivers from PB Swiss Tools are simply the best,” Alfred is convinced – and not just because they sit well in the hand. The kit man picks up a screwdriver and points to the tip. “Here at the top is a special tempering, and this lasts. With cheaper tools, you can see straight away that there is just rough steel at the top. If you have to loosen a screw that is sitting a bit tight, these edges will always fragment. We’ve got no use for anything like that. But these screwdrivers here, you’ve got them in your box for 50 years.”


‘Tiger style' fondue forks

The fondue forks from PB Swiss Tools, used in the Tigers’ clubhouse – styled appropriately as the ‘SCL Tigers Special Edition’ - are tools in a sense. These are available for purchase: dedicated fans can buy them from Wüthrich hardware store in Langnau.


We would like to thank Daniel Gerber, Alfred Rohrbach and the club for the interview and wish the SCL Tigers a successful season!


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Through our commitment to the SCL Tigers, we are supporting sport in the region. 

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