02.09.2016 | Company News

«PB Swiss Tools. We make the difference» Event in Shenzhen, China

On September 2nd, 2016, the «PB SWISS TOOLS. WE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE» event took place in Shenzhen, China. This event was successfully conducted by PB SWISS TOOLS (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.

Ms. Eva Jaisli, CEO of PB Swiss Tools, attended this exciting event, communicating with the guests about PB Swiss Tools vision and strategy. The audience, coming from the Shenzhen and Guangzhou region attentively followed the presentations held by Ms. Eva Jaisli, and Lemon Kong, Sales Director of PB Swiss Tools (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. 

Diverse product demonstrations, especially of new products like Safety Hex key and Insider Mini attracted the attention of our guests, permitting them discover our tools unsurpassed quality and outstanding performance.

Highlight: Dialogue with PB Swiss Tools
In this part, Ms. Eva Jaisli delivered a candid speech, pointing out that PB Swiss Tools have been always strongly interested to hear from the different voices from customer’s side. In return, customers actively spoke out their expectation, like whether PB Swiss Tools could expand the product range in the further and develop new multi-functional & convenient tool-sets. The wonderful evening dinner was opened by the toast speech from Ms. Eva Jaisli, «Cheers! Let us joint hands together to move forwards…». With this toast in mind, all the participants rounded off this event in a very happy atmosphere.


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