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PrecisionBits with ball point: your problem-solver for hard-to-access places

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Our new PrecisionBits with ball points have been specially designed for hexagon socket screws. They are also available with a long blade, thus enabling you to effortlessly reach hard-to-access places.

These tools are manufactured with a high level of precision and thus offer numerous benefits that are specially tailored to the needs of professional tradespeople:

1.    Work effectively with a screw angle of up to 22°
Our PrecisionBits allow for screws to be turned quickly and precisely at an angle of up to 22°. The efficiency increase comes into play especially when numerous screws have to be screwed in quickly one after the other.

2.    Perfectly shaped ball point for hard-to-reach areas
The strong and at the same time highly accurately shaped ball point is a reliable problem-solver for hard-to-access screws. This level of precision is a must when carrying out repetitive and challenging work.

3.    Suitability for everyday use in the industry and trades sectors
The non-slip surface of the bit shaft makes it easier to remove the bit and guarantees problem-free working. Our PrecisionBits have proven their worth in both manual use and when used together with machines.

4.    Practical feature for professional applications
Laser markings indicate not only the profile size, but also the maximum permitted torque. The compatible external hexagon socket in accordance with DIN ISO 1173 is the perfect match for holder F 6.3.

5.    Durability and flexibility ensure the optimal performance
The special tool steel with an optimally balanced combination of durability and hardness guarantees exceptionally long tool service lives. The attractive plasma coating provides a small amount of corrosion protection. The color-coding system for the different screw types ensures that you can quickly find the bit you are looking for.

Discover the precision offered by the 22° screw angle now and carry out screwdriving work with maximum efficiency.

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