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The day starts with morning fitness

Why do we care about our employees’ health? Find out - in our photo essay!

We want to encourage our employees’ efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle by offering morning fitness, ergonomic workspaces, seminars to quit smoking and a fitness room. 

Come take a tour with us in our photo essay!


Morning fitness


Bending and stretching in the production hall ...



... and in the office corridor. The exercises are tailored to employees’ activities.  



Finger exercises for keyboard sufferers. 


Ergonomic workspaces: Standing desks


To sit or to stand? Office employees can alternate their position. We also make sure that chairs meet ergonomic criteria.


Ergonomic production: The counter height can be adjusted to different body sizes so that all employees using the same work station feel comfortable.



The counter height can be regulated just by pushing a button.


Ergonomic workspaces: Chairs and mats to counteract fatigue


Ulrich Röthlisberger, torque assembly and calibration, almost 6.35ft tall: “I often had a backache from the old chair and the plastic surface always made me sweat. When I got this chair to test, I knew immediately: It’s a keeper!”



Peter Trüssel aligns assembled blades – work with repetitive motions. The mat he stands on is not an ordinary mat: “I took my predecessor’s anti-fatigue mat and work is much more comfortable now.”



Anti-fatigue mats offer more comfort when standing. The principle behind them is simple but effective: Padding reduces the strain on muscles and articulations when working while standing.


 The fruit basket 


Very popular: Every Monday we fill the fruit basket so that our employees can help themselves. The baskets are usually empty in just a few days.


Stop-smoking seminars using the “Easyway” method

Two that took on the challenge: Rita Gerber and Peter Schenk decided to sign up for the stop-smoking seminar using the Easyway method. The company pays the cost and frees participants for the 1-day seminar.


Fitness room open 24 hours a day


Just a few yards from the company building is a fitness room. Our employees can use it any time of day or night for free.


Vision testing and corrective protection glasses


Eagle vision: Activities such as quality control under a bright light demands high concentration and attentiveness. Good vision means less fatigue and more comfort when working. That’s why we also offer vision tests and corrective protection glasses.


Ski day with family

We organize one ski day a year on a weekend and invite employees. Families are invited to come along. 


 In planning:

  • Hearing tests

  • Nutrition tips for fast, healthy meals at noon.


Healthy and fit for work and leisure:

 We will be publishing several blogs on this topic this year, specifically on

  • Ergonomic work spaces

  • “Bike to work” campaign (in June)

  • Stop-smoking seminars using the “Easyway” method


 Stay on top of things!

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