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ToolBoard Bike: “What a great service!”

At the beginning of July, about 200 ToolBoards Bike were delivered to recreational areas across Switzerland. Reactions are highly encouraging.

Do-it-yourself: With the ToolBoard Bike, recreational regions can offer guests yet another attractive service. (Photo: ma) 

Thanks to the new ToolBoard Bike, cyclists can mend things themselves if a screw becomes loose or some other small repair is needed. We asked in two different regions how satisfied they were with the new boards. 

Everything a mountain biker might need

In the Andermatt-Sedrun region, a total of ten ToolBoards Bike have been in use since the end of July. Toni Cathomas, Technical Manager at Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG and a cyclist himself thinks the idea is great: “The quality of the tools is super as is the selection. Everything you need as a mountain biker is there. Even the setup for hanging up the bikes is perfect. Usually cyclists ride quality bikes and the ToolBoards mean they can hang them up to work on without worrying about scratches. 

The winter version – ToolBoards Alpin – is also popular in Sedrun and Andermatt., “They are used a lot and make work easier for our staff at the stations. In the past, winter sports enthusiasts kept coming to the lift station asking for tools, but now they have everything they need on the ToolBoards.”

“The ToolBoards have the perfect combination of tools”

The Belalp Bahnen AG in Valais has also made some good experience with the ToolBoards . Piste and rescue manager, Michael Salzgeber, is responsible for the summer activities: “We installed two ToolBoards Bike in July. They’re still pretty fresh so we haven’t received many comments about them. But we are sure that it’s a great service to be able to offer cyclists. The ToolBoards have the perfect combination of tools and make life easier for our mechanic who maintains the Trotti Bikes. People can use the tools to make their own small repairs or modifications.” 

It is really due to the success of the Tool Boards Alpin that ToolBoards Bike have now been installed on the Belalp: “The winter version is enormously appreciated and now, with the cyclist version, we can offer our guests an attractive service in summer as well. It’s pretty cool of PB Swiss Tools to provide the boards to us for free.”

ToolBoard Bike tools

  • 3-way cross-handle hex screwdriver

  • KNIPEX pliers wrench

  • Slotted screwdriver with parallel tip

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Cross handle screwdriver for torx-head screws with side drive 

PB Swiss Tools provides the ToolBoard Bike to selected partners in recreational regions at no charge. The boards have to be publicly accessible and they must be looked after, and they must be placed near popular bike trails.


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One of ten ToolBoards Bike in the Andermatt-Sedrun region. (Photo: ma)

The ToolBoards Bike in the Wengeneralpbahn region are placed in favourable locations. (Photo: ma)

Everything a mountain biker might need: That's what makes up the ToolBoard Bike.

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