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We heat with heat pumps. Rigorously.

In 1979, the first heat pump started its operation in the Grünen plant. Thanks to this and three additional heat pumps, we are saving roughly 50,000 liters of oil every year at both locations.

Sustainability has a tradition in our company. We are very intent on implementing improvements and optimizations for the protection of the environment and resources. As early as 1979, Max Baumann Senior had the first heat pump installed in the Grünen plant – a pioneering venture at the time. At the end of 2013, three new pumps followed in Grünen – and with the start of the 2015/2016 heating season, we are also heating with a state-of-the-art heat pump in Wasen.

Oil consumption

Using synergies with waste heat
Heat pumps operate on current. We use synergies for this purpose by utilizing the waste heat from the machines to operate the heat pumps. By means of cooling water, it is fed into a 100 cubic meter silo and cooled by the heat pumps. In the process, heat is being generated for heating. We also use the waste heat from our compressors for heating. Since 2014, we have also been receiving district heat from the local Wärmeverbund Energie AG Sumiswald.

Rigorous energy management and fewer road trips
Using rigorous energy management, we are optimizing the use of energy and recognize energy savings potentials. As part of the "Continuous Improvement Process", or simply CIP, we are continuously implementing measures that contribute to the sustainable handling of energy. We moved a majority of the production and manufacturing to Grünen in order to have more space in Wasen for finishing, logistics, training as well as the attractive presentation of our products. Among other things, this resulted in improvements in the production processes and significantly fewer trips between the two plants. Not only is that economically beneficial - it also saves our environment.

Sustainability on all levels
The introduction of lean manufacturing supports the sustainable development of our company. The conscious handling of energy does not limit itself to heating alone. If renovations are planned in the construction sector, we prefer sustainable solutions. Among other things, we are examining the use of electric vehicles for deployment between Wasen and Grünen. We are openly in favor of innovative solutions and are eager to lead the way with good examples – on all levels.

Interview with Martin Leuenberger

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