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Success at work is decisively influenced by the selection of the right tool. PB Swiss Tools therefore offers reliable solutions that provide professional and commercial added value.

PB Swiss Tools products are 100% developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

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Digitorque V02 – AVAILABLE STARTING IN 2019

Our new generation of torque screwdrivers

With the new PB Swiss Tools DigiTorque V02 screwdrivers, you can screw delicate materials, such as aluminum, carbon and plexiglass, gently and without damage.

By using the rotary cap on the end of the handle, the highly precise release mechanism can be set very accurately and easily - and without any auxiliary tools. The setting value is permanently on the electronic digital display and can easily be read off. Choose the right handle size for each force range.




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Classic VDE Slim Screwdrivers

The first third of each screwdriver is super slim

The first third of each screwdriver is super slim. As a result, the blade of the PB Swiss Tools Classic VDE slim electrician's screwdriver easily and securely reaches deep-set screws and spring elements.

The elastomer coating over the slim handle is made of polypropylene, is anti-slip and yet pleasantly gentle to your skin. That is why our Classic VDE slim screwdriver fits so well in your hand.



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SwissGrip VDE Screwdrivers

The power grip facilitates torque transmission

The new PB Swiss Tools SwissGrip VDE electrician's screwdrivers deliver the force even better from your hand to the screw. It is proportioned and precise, thanks to its characteristic shape and the bonding of a hypoallergenic elastomer coating to a particularly tough polypropylene core. It is for everything that could be under voltage.




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Electronics Screwdrivers

Gigantic even in the smallest detail

The new assortment includes all common screw profles and sizes in electronics, individually, or as a set, in self-service packaging. The holder in a new design can be used as a table version or attached to a wall.

ColorCode - The six different screw profles are supported by the familiar color system: the desired profle is quickly recognized. 

Successful and fatigue-free working is guaranteed. The proven turnable head also facilitates adjustment work in precision mechanics.

For use with Apple® Products.


Adjusting        Turn in and out

Tighten, loosen       Turnable head


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Safety hex key L-wrenches – mm, knurled

Better grip

The knurling on the shaft increases its non-slip properties in wet or oily environments, thereby increasing safety. The round shaft increases the fatigue strength of the tools. 

Available as an individual hex key L-wrench or as a set in a handy plastic holder.

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Dead-blow mallets

Quick and easy to change inserts

The new dead-blow mallets with metal inserts complement the popular PB Swiss Tools dead-blow mallets with plastic heads. Two different metal inserts, copper and aluminium, cover a wide range of applications: Gentle strikes during assembly work, sheet metal work, straightening work, maintenance, repairs, servicing, etc.

Worn or damaged inserts can be replaced quickly and easily: A good as new mallet results, which saves money in the long run and protects the environment.

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Rounded tips for careful work

PickTools are particularly suitable for the assembly, disassembly and the cleaning of engines, brakes, transmissions, air conditioners, sealing elements and other small parts. Thanks to the specially curved and rounded tips, parts can be positioned, probed or disassembled, even in hard to reach places.

The new hook-shaped tip supplements the four existing PickTools and opens up new application possibilities.

PickTools are available in 4-piece and 5-piece sets, as well as separately.

Universal bit holder

Ergonomic, fatigue-free working

The PB Swiss Tools bit holder selection, now with the SwissGrip handle with a long blade and the new cross-handle in short and long versions.

The ergonomic 2-component handle with a sheathing made of high-quality Santoprene® fits perfectly in the hand and allows safe, fatigue-free working.

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ESD Tools

Bit holder

In our product line, we offer the SwissGrip power handles with short and long blades.

We recommend the Stubby handle for working in tight spaces.

For applications in ESD protection zones (electrostatic discharge) and clean rooms, we now offer bit holders with SwissGrip and Stubby handles for C6 and E6 bits. These guarantee safe and fatigue-free working.


ESD Torque Set

MecaTorque ESD torque handle in a practical ToolBox

PB 8316 Set ESD

  • Torque range 10-50 cNm
  • A professional set in a practical ToolBox
  • Interchangeable blades for slotted, Phillips, Torx® and hexagon socket screws
  • ESD electrostatically conductive
  • Surface resistance 1 megaohm to 1 gigaohm

Pocket Tool Insider Mini

For precision mechanics and multimedia electronics

The new pocket tool offers six screwdrivers in one: the sturdy handle with practical clip for clip-on contains 3 duplex blades each with 2 different screwdriver tips. The blades are securely held in the handle by a magnet.

The tool that looks like a pen has everything necessary for accurate work in precision mechanics and multimedia electronics.


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The little pocket tool for rapid screwdriving

The new integrated ratchet function on the short SwissGrip handle makes it possible to carry out screwdriving in diff cult to reach places and, at the same time, it can be used for rapid turning.

Because it can be used with one hand and is reversible, this little pocket tool will never fail you. The handle, which is made of Santoprene®, makes it possible to generate a large amount of torque, even with wet hands.



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Pocket Tool Insider Stubby

Compact and space-saving

The new Stubby with bit holder offers:

  • Bit magazine: Extendable, remains securely attached to the handle when opening
  • Bit holder: Magnetic
  • Arrangement: 6 common PrecisionBits for universal applications
  • Handle: Compact short SwissGrip handle for working with screws at locations that are difficult to access

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Coin Driver for Vent Plugs

Opening without causing damage

The coin driver can be used to screw automotive battery vent plugs and other plastic screws in and out without damaging them. The SwissGrip handle provides optimum and non-slip handling. The coin driver is available in two SwissGrip designs: normal and the short Stubby version.

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Tire valve screwdriver

Specialty tool for tire valves

This specialty tool is perfectly suited for screwing tire valves in and out of motor vehicles and bicycles. The tire valve screwdriver is available in two designs: long with SwissGrip for trucks and automobiles and short with SwissGrip Stubby for motorcycles, motor scooters and bicycles.

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Hex key L-wrench set for Torx® screws

Everything from T6 to T45 is compact and at your fingertips

This hex key L-wrench set for Torx® screws covers the most common sizes from T6 to T45. In the compact, handy plastic holder, the tools are always neatly arranged and at your fingertips.

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