Mobile Sets
Compact sets of basic tools

Not everyone needs a chock-full whistles-and-bells toolkit, but a few standard screwdrivers are an indispensable aid in any household. Our tool sets and compact tools with their interchangeable blades and replaceable PrecisionBits make sure you always have the most popular tools at hand.


Tool sets and roll-up cases

Basic sets with eye-catching appeal

Compact tool sets made by PB Swiss Tools are the ideal basic sets of professional-quality hand tools: for assembly and service jobs, in workshops, at home or on the road - these sets are indispensable companions.

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Interchangeable blades and handles

Comprehensive range of tools

Interchangeable blades can be used with both standard handles (as in tool sets) and torque handles.

They feature the same quality benefits as PB Swiss Tools screwdriver blades: distinctive elasticity and tenacity with a high degree of hardness, maximum precision and repeatability of dimensions, laser-etched serial number for full traceability, chromed surfaces - perfect finish.

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Pocket Tools

Pocket Tools finden überall Platz und sind ideale Begleiter für unterwegs

[Translate to English:] Ob mit austauschbaren Klingen oder im Griff verstauten PrecisionBits: In Pocket Tools verbirgt sich der Inhalt einer kleinen Werkzeugkiste in einem Schraubenzieher.

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