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“Sharing is the New Buying” – PB Swiss Tools Supports an Innovative and Sustainable Sharing Idea: Leihlager Basel – The Library of Things

Their names are Meret, Noël and Felix. Together, the three young Basel locals are fizzing with ideas about sharing. After over a year of planning and thanks to an extremely successful crowdfunding project, the initiators have now been able to bring their project to life: A library of things including a whole host of tools and equipment. Even PB Swiss Tools was impressed by the initiative and donated a number of useful tool kits to the cause without a second thought.

Noël: “PB Swiss Tools was one of the first partners to support Leihlager”»

The co-founder/marketing officer was thrilled that, of all things, he could add tools from one of the most prestigious tool manufacturers in the world to the range of items on offer. “We are proud to be able to offer our members such high-quality precision tools,” he said, beaming.


Early backer and first to be borrowed

PB Swiss Tools was one of the first partner companies to support the Leihlager concept. Funnily enough, a tool supplied by PB Swiss Tools was the very first item borrowed on the first day of opening. An enthusiastic DIYer couldn’t believe his luck when he came across a colorful hex key L-wrench set, without which he wouldn’t have been able to loosen off a hidden screw. “These tools are so clever and fantastically designed,” he added with some relief when he returned the set after only an hour.


Successful launch of Leihlager Basel

The Leihlager concept gained widespread coverage in the press and on social media, so it came as no surprise when almost 200 curious visitors streamed into the basement room adorned with bright yellow storage boxes on launch day to find out more about the scheme. In one day, they were able to sign up half of the members they had hoped to attract over the course of the first year. This included an elderly lady, who was so full of enthusiasm for the project that she signed up for 20 years’ membership on the spot with a large donation. The launch celebrations continued into the evening with a wild party featuring beats by Lachs & Lemke, the “borrowed” sounds of Breqeunzer, and entertainment by musical cabaret artist Dominik Muheim.


The concept is simple, ingenious and impressive to all ages

If anyone would like to borrow equipment, all they have to do is sign up as a member. Members can then borrow up to three items for free every week in return for a modest annual fee. As soon as the items are returned, members can then take out more equipment or tools.


From A(llen keys) to Z(immer frames)

The founders are now hoping to attract more donations of equipment to continue expanding the range in a bid to offer as many tools, items, and utensils as possible. The items currently available are listed clearly on the website – www.leihlager.ch – and can be reserved and collected from Leihlager at a later date. Thanks to this sharing idea supported by PB Swiss Tools, all Basel residents can benefit from borrowing quality tools from PB Swiss Tools.


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  • [Translate to English:] Wie kommt man bloss auf die Idee, ein Leihlager zu eröffnen? Das rege Interesse der Medien ging von der Basler Zeitung über das DRS-Regionaljournal bis hin zum regionalen TV-Sender, welchem Mitbegründer Noël am Eröffnungstag im Interview gut gelaunt Red und Antwort stand.
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