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#waslehrsch? Tomorrow’s best professionals are learning their trade at PB Swiss Tools

For us to continue to compete with the best, we are committed to supporting young, highly-trained professionals. At PB Swiss Tools, young people receive first-class, valuable vocational training in an international environment, and they inspire us to break new ground. This guarantees that we can retain our high standards in the future too.

Apprentices are a valuable part of our 180-strong extended family

PB Swiss Tools has an international reputation for being an innovative developer of tools, a production company at the leading edge of technology and for being a progressive employer. Although we have been extremely successful throughout the world with our quality tools, we have still kept our feet on the ground. This is reflected in the dynamic yet informal working environment, where trainees can contribute their ideas and assume responsibility, actively shaping the further development of PB Swiss Tools. And the best part is that special services are given special reward.


In order to always work with the best experts, we actually train them ourselves

We regard the initial training and continuous professional development of our employees as a key task. Especially, of course, when it comes to young talent. Only in this way can we continue to expand our high standards of innovation and quality. It gives our slogan “Work with the Best” additional meaning. For four generations, our tools have been carrying the spirit of PB Swiss Tools into the wide world: uncompromising and innovative Swiss quality. And it has not been unusual for apprentices to have given crucial impetus to successful new developments with their fresh thinking. 


Anyone who can choose them does so: design engineers, automation engineers, polymechanics, production mechanics, logistics experts and administration staff 

Here at PB Swiss Tools, we provide young people with an opportunity to learn many promising technical trades. We are always delighted to receive applications from young women in this area. As important pillars in our development, production and distribution chain, we also train administrative personnel and logistics experts. And many areas of responsibility at PB Swiss Tools are a little bit more special than elsewhere. Where else do automation engineers program the precision machines on which their colleagues then manufacture their own products? Where else do polymechanics work with their own developments of special alloys? We offer opportunities for apprentices to develop their own projects, such as exhibition models for trade fairs. In this way, our apprentices become one of the success factors that ultimately distinguish excellent tools from good tools.


This is one of the reasons many young people apply for an apprenticeship at PB Swiss Tools

In addition to sound professional training in a close-knit team, our apprentices also benefit from many privileges that make training with us particularly attractive: from a free gym to generously equipped common rooms – even outdoors; from break-time snacks to incentivised performance-related pay; from the PB team spirit to pretty cool apprentice projects; from individual language courses to support for a vocational college qualification. And all this in the friendly ambience of a cosmopolitan family business that develops and produces high-precision tool innovations for the world market in the middle of the idyllic Emmental valley. After their training, we offer young professionals permanent employment wherever possible, giving them a chance to apply and deepen their specialist knowledge. A successfully concluded apprenticeship at PB Swiss Tools represents an outstanding achievement for their future professional career.


It took Carla 45 minutes a day to get to the company where she was training - and not without good reason
“I don't regret the longer journey to work for a second. The family spirit in a cool team, the great mentors and the many small extras in this international company more than made up for it,” says Carla, who now trains young tradesmen and women herself in eastern Switzerland, and who still enthuses about her training at PB Swiss Tools. “After all, some of my friends who had to ride right across Bern, sat nearly as long on public transport.” Then she adds, laughing: “At least I had a much nicer view out the bus window.”


Does anyone know any dedicated young people who could fit in with us?
Admittedly, companies in urban areas find it easier to find apprentices. But we don't just want trainees who come to us because we are close by , but because they identify with the message behind “Work with the best”, because they get actively involved and because they want to achieve something. We value young people and provide them with comprehensive support. Talented young men and women should definitely apply to us – we will always find solutions to enable them to train in the PB Swiss Tools family.


#waslehrsch? From August, our apprentices will be presenting their apprenticeships on Instagram

As part of a joint project, our apprentices have produced short videos in which they will showcase themselves and their exciting apprenticeships. Best of all, interested young people should click in to find out about our cool apprenticeships. An apprenticeship at PB Swiss Tools is just first step on the road to a successful career.


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